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Modular Electronics Cooling

Reliable, Quick and Easy Modular Design When a new customer came to us in need of a fluid transfer coupling solution for cooling within electronics enclosures, we met the challenge head on. In this unique case, off-the-shelf couplers were too large and heavy for the confined space of their products. SafeWay engineers recommended reducing the

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Custom Zerk for Track Tensioning System

Simplifies Lubrication, and Maintenance Time is money when managing routine maintenance and lubrication of drive tracks on excavating equipment. A leading excavation machinery manufacturer designed a single zerk hydraulic system to deliver and bleed grease used to set/adjust track tension on their equipment. The system required a reliable and durable mechanism to inject lubricant, and

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Color Coded Anodizing Simplifies Multi-Line Connection Systems

Eliminates Errors and Streamlines Changeover When a leading manufacturer of high-performance lubricants needed to be certain workers could quickly and easily distinguish among their fluid lines’ many standard quick disconnects, the production workers sometimes made costly connection errors that cross contaminated fluids. The lubricant manufacturer turned to SafeWay for a solution to their error-prone fluid-transfer

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Custom Quick Connects Created with Value-Added Manufacturing Expertise

At SafeWay we are proud of our engineering and manufacturing know-how. We work with our customers to explore and execute unique fluid transfer solutions that leverage our expertise with plastic and metal materials. Following are summaries of three examples from recent unique projects. CUSTOM ZERK FOR TRACK TENSIONING SYSTEM TO SIMPLIFY LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE Challenge: A manufacturer

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SafeWay Quick Disconnect Couplers Are ISO Certified And Made In The USA

For SafeWay and its parent company, The Specialty Manufacturing Company applying American ingenuity and problem solving is such an integral part of the business it is considered routine. For well over 100 years we have refined engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing processes to set quality and service standards for quick connect fluid transfer systems. SafeWay couplers are

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Safeway Offers An Extensive Coupler Interchange Database

SafeWay offers a wide range of quick disconnect couplers for use in an endless variety of fluid transfer applications across many industries. Through its years of operation, SafeWay has collected extensive information about ISO standard coupler products and has organized them into a parts interchange database. Parts interchanges are a common method for marketers of commodity products

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